You are warmly invited to explore this website and discover the wonderful things the Lord has done during the prayer gathering in Canberra called 080808 Your Kingdom Come - A New Day for Australia.

This was a national prayer gathering of followers of the Lord Jesus Christ from diverse social, political, economic, professional, ethnic and Church backgrounds who came together to Pray for our nation from 7-11 August 2008  at Greenhills Conference Centre in Canberra, ACT, that included a strategic day of prayer in the Great Hall of the Federal Parliament on the date of 08.08.08:




  • To meet with, praise and worship Almighty God
  • To pray together in the Great Hall of the Federal Parliament, ‘standing in the gap’ for our nation
  • To acknowledge where we have not followed His will or His word
  • To thank God for His mercy and forgiving love and to pray for His blessings, promises, purpose and redemptive calling for this nation
  • To gather at a banquet of celebration on 08.08.08 to share a covenant meal together to remember that God is our God and that we are His people.


The organisers of the Your Kingdom Come 080808 Conference reserve the right to change any of the published conference details without notice and have the final decision in what takes place on this website.

While we deeply respect the diversity of work and various perspectives held by different members of the Body of Christ from other ministries involved in the 080808 prayer gathering, the opinions on topics or interpretations of scripture that may be expressed in the messages and prayers posted on this website, are not necessarily the views held by members of Prayer House Ministries Australia Inc. The work posted remains the intellectual property of each ministry named and represented. Please email for permission to copy and/or distribute content from this website.



About the conference and website

The Event was hosted by Prayer House Ministries Australia Inc., established in 1998 outside Canberra. After a vision from God, the Prayer House was founded on Isaiah chapter 35 with a dual focus:

  • as a place for personal healing and rest, and
  • for intercessory prayer for the nation of Australia, the government, the church and indigenous and white reconciliation.

Over the years the vision has grown progressively from an Australian perspective of the Kingdom of God, to incorporating an international focus.

Dr Hilary Moroney, director of Prayer House Ministries Australia, later received a further series of visions from the Lord in October 2006 when at a prayer gathering in Jerusalem. Click here to read Hilary’s full testimony and vision for the conference.

This website has been continued to encourage prayer; for those who participated at the 080808 Prayer gathering and those who were unable to attend, to facilitate people to pray and seek God regarding some current issues that are challenging our nation, from a position of understanding that is founded on the Bible, the inspired word of God. Thank you for praying as the Holy Spirit leads you, and we hope that the contents of this website can inspire you to pray further, longer and deeper, and to seek after Christ and His truth.

This website is a work in progress, and updates, transcriptions of speeches made and seminar notes will be added in due course.


Purpose of the website

  • to promote prayer for Australia and encourage prayer for other nations
  • for the interest of conference participants  to discover what was discussed in other seminars that they were not able to attend
  • as a historical record of this strategic covenant gathering on 08.08.08
  • to bring to the fore issues of contemporary importance for the purpose of inspiring prayer and building faith in God
  • to further release God’s Kingdom will and purposes on earth; to promote understanding in this hour
  • to awaken the urgency of prayer for salvations of souls, and proclamation of the gospel of the kingdom for the harvest
  • to facilitate ordering of DVDs and CDs from the gathering: click here for an order form.


Summary report of the 080808 prayer gathering

By Dr Hilary Moroney, Conference Facilitator

The 080808 Team would like to acknowledge, honour and thank God for coming in His power, love, beauty and holiness to encompass us in His glorious presence through out the entire time we spent together. It was a time of building the foundations of His love, with the restoration of covenant relationship between Christ our Bridegroom and we His Bride, as we turned back to God at the banquet of betrothal in the Great Hall of the Parliament at 8.00pm on 08.08.08.

We moved from deep reverential worship, full of colour, banners, dance and singing into times of corporate repentance, sometimes with tears, on issues that have deeply grieved the heart of God. Then following on with glorious triumphant times of prophetic dance establishing Christ’s already won victory through His blood shed at Calvary, in the Great Hall of Parliament House, out on the Lawns below the Parliament and at Greenhills Conference Centre, Canberra.

Over the weekend we experienced God’s tender hearted, healing power and mercy. There was authoritative biblical and world view teaching from leaders across the nation, practically applied to strategic issues of life that are challenging our nation in this day. The baton was prophetically passed on from the older generation to the younger, with reconciliation on many levels, including powerful gender healing, and restoration of right honouring and reconciliation for the Mal 4:5-6, Eph 2:12-22 and Gal 3:26-29 blessings to be realised in our land.

Many prophetic words were shared of the harvest and times to come, and we proclaimed back to God His promises that are yet to be fulfilled, for His redemptive destiny and purposes for Australia to be made manifest. Join with us and continue to pray for Christ’s Kingdom rule, reign, will and authority to prevail in Australia, for His glory to be revealed, and for His blessing of this and future generations to come, in Jesus name.


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Hilary's full thanksgiving report
Proclamation scriptures
Photo gallery
Downloadable presentation notes and transcripts


Speakers and facilitators

The following people were involved in speaking, praying and/or facilitating through various parts of the 080808 Your Kingdom Come gathering:

Ps Ron Brookman, Director of Living Waters Australia Ministries Inc.
Bruce Coleman, CEO, Choices of Life Inc
Dr Ken Curry, National Director, Health Care in Christ Inc
Ps Richard Eason, Author and Senior Minister of New Testament House Churches
Babette Francis, National & Overseas Co-ordinator, Endeavour Forum Inc.
Desmond Higgs, Ten Thousand Men Praying; One Million Aussies Praying
Peter Kentley, Director of Australian Marketplace Connections Inc.
Sen Ps Viliame (Bill) T Kolikata, Living Stones Mission Outreach International
Warwick Marsh, Director, Fatherhood Foundation
Dr Graham McLennan, Chairman, National Alliance of Christian Leaders
Ps Norman & Barbara Miller, Directors, International Centre for Reconciliation & Peace
Ps Sue Miller, Regional Chaplain ACT, Chaplaincy Australia
Dr Hilary Moroney, Director, Prayer House Ministries Australia
Bill Muehlenberg, Director, CultureWatch
Tien Mullens, Member, JOCO Prayer
Noa Muranyi
, womenNpower International Ministries
Ps Danny Nalliah, Director, Catch the Fire Ministries
The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, NSW MP
Ps Sean Nolan & Jeanette Nolan, Leaders of Young Christian Democratic Party
Rowena Pang-Lim, Throne Room Banners, Thailand
Ps Jamie Pryor, Chairman of Prayer House Ministries Australia, Director of Unity College Australia
Ps Peter Rahme, Author 'The Man & The Story Behind Amazing Grace'
Ps Irwin Ross, Olive Tree Ministries
Kris Schlyder, National Coordinator, Australian Indigenous Prayer Network
Jack Sonnemann, Director, The Australian Federation of the Family
Peter and Jenny Stokes, Directors Salt Shakers
Ps Peter Walker, Director, Australian Indigenous Christian Ministries
Alasdair Webster, OAM; Former MHR; Co-founder National Prayer Breakfast
Ps Adem Xhafer, Director, Living Waters Crusades for all Nations



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